Design sustainable Tokenomics

  • User-friendly, step-by-step process for designing a token
  • Non-jargon guidance and education
  • Make the best design decisions with relevant data and insights on similar projects
  • Receive a clear and concise, shareable report summarizing your tokenomics
  • Get the opinion of an expert to point out potential flaws

  • Simple step by step design process

    Industry leading design process

    Educational resources along the way

    Know your unknown unknowns.

    Tokenomics design made simple

    Token Editor Flow
    Value Capture Explanation Section

    Put your design into perspective

    We show you relevant data, examples and the industry standard of similar projects to help you make better design decisions through every step of the way

    Examples help to break diwn the complexity of token design

    See you design in a nice and easy to understand report format

    Share your tokenomics easily

    Share your design with team members, VCs, investors, advisors, users, anyone!

    The TDS is also built into the Tokenomics Hub platform, allow your community to easily understand your tokenomics by publishing your design as a report on the platform

    Get an expert to review your design

    Get feedback, guidance and even design help on your tokenomics from experts in the Tokenomics DAO community

    Build better Tokenomics

    Powerful and simple to use tokenomics design software to help you create a sustainable token economy